Tour Is Underway

Plugged in and ready to go! Shows at the The Kessler in Dallas and Historic Scoot Inn in Austin are sold out. Houston friends, don’t delay in purchasing your tickets for The Heights Theater. For all tour dates, information, and tickets visit the tour page.

Thanks to Fast Atmosphere for this great shot!

Relix magazine – Track by Track

Check out this in depth article with Jay from Relix Magazine which details track by track. Notes of Blue is out Friday, February 17!

“I’ve always wanted to do a recording that focused more on the blues. I’ve done a few blues-inspired songs over the years, but this recording was a chance to expand on it and, in particular, I wanted to explore the tunings and guitar voicings of Skip James and Mississippi Fred McDowell,” Jay Farrar explains, when detailing the origins of Son Volt’s new record, Notes of Blue.READ MORE