The Boot premieres “Reality Winner” from Union

Thanks to The Boot for premiering “Reality Winner” from ‘Union’ (out March 29). As far as Farrar is concerned, Winner is a “merchant of truth” who is serving hard time for being a whistleblower. The story itself is one that has hardly garnered any attention; acknowledging the silence that surrounds Winner’s incarceration, Farrar realizes that this song probably won’t be the most popular — but that won’t keep him from speaking his mind.… READ MORE “The Boot premieres “Reality Winner” from Union”

Paste Magazine premieres “The Reason” from Union

Listen to a new track from Son Volt’s forthcoming Union, exclusively at Paste! Of the song Jay Farrar says “Lyrically the song touches on the ambivalence of watching one’s kids set out as adults—knowing the adventures and trials they will go through. Musically it’s all about the 12-string guitar (acoustic and electric) and that inspirational sound of The Byrds and Tom Petty.” LISTEN HERE… READ MORE “Paste Magazine premieres “The Reason” from Union”